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The Reason for this Place

Lisboa, Portugal

Lisboa, Portugal

Yes, this is my first post to this blog and basically it is here to pinpoint the direction this blog will take for now (who knows how these digital places evolve with time).

This place is basically my own personal sandbox. A place where I experiment, try new things and then put them on display here. But why this page? Think metaphors, think of a vine grower. Wouldn't it be terribly bitter for this craftsman if he works long hours for the best vine and then keeps it in his dark underground cellar forever? A good vine is meant to be tasted with care and enjoyed with great company. Doesn't this sound right to you? For me it does. And this is also why I am starting this blog. By that, I do by no means think I have achieved such level of mastery that the world needs my photographic contribution. Nevertheless, it is rewarding that after a shoot you have a place to share your work. It is like the closing of a circle. Capturing a public place or face, developing the photos, selecting the best out of a few, and then putting the photos back to the public eye either on your wall, an exhibition or the internet.

But that is only half of the picture. There is my hope that during this journey of mine, you will enjoy to ride along and that a conversation will emerge.

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