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Home is Where the Mountains Are

Morgeten BE, Switzerland

Morgeten BE, Switzerland

Isn’t it funny that you have to go away in order to get a sense of what the essence of home? As my wife and I are living in Sydney at the moment, we try to spend some time away from the city during weekends and holidays. Soking in the sun, following the endless shores of the east coast and enjoy nice bush walks. And as I was standing on a small hill looking down on a typical New South Wales panorama lately, it dawned to me that I felt at home. But how did that happen, as I was still in a foreign country for me? I guess that I experienced one characteristic of what the concept of home is made of. And for me that is standing on a hill or mountain and enjoy a view.

Here I want to share one of my favourite sights in Switzerland. I spent quite some time up there. We even celebrated our wedding near this place surrounded by these very mountains last year. Enjoy the view.


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