David duChemin on The Great Discontent

I would even argue that knowing how to use a camera—and I have to be careful about how I say this—is almost irrelevant to being a photographer. The skill set involved with being a photographer is so much bigger than the ability to use a camera. In fact, these days, the cameras are so good that if you know how to use any of the automatic modes and can press a button, then you can make a sharply focused, well-exposed photograph. Is that what constitutes a good photograph? Not even remotely. It’s the vision, the passion, the curiosity. When you’re photographing people, it’s the patience, compassion, and the ability to relate to another person. All of that has so much more to do with making a photograph that connects with others than the camera. The most iconic photographs of the last century were made with cameras that don’t even touch what we have today.
— David duChemin on The Great Discontent

David duChemin is one of my favourite contemporary photographer and always inspires me with his articles. Here, he is interviewed by the Great Discontent. Since it's Sunday today, go ahead an read the whole piece. It's gold I tell you.