Photographer, Stay Away from the Incident Scene

You may have heard this story in the news of the North Fire in California USA, jumping over a highway and igniting abandoned cars in the process. Could this have been avoided?
The New York Times reports, that air crews of the fire department had to abort their mission and fly back to the airport in order to avoid several drones. Two drones even flew towards the aircraft of the fire crew.

As an amateur photographer I can understand, that people want to take pictures of such massive events as wildfires. But as a firefighter myself, I can't understand why people would willingly take the risk of delaying or worse undermining the work of first responders. In every fire department, the rule is safety first and if someone on the crew has a doubt about it, everyone pulls out. 

So to all photographers (and amateur drone pilots): always follow your local laws and the instructions of first responders and incident controllers. And please, turn your common sense on. A drone near an incident scene is not good sense.

(via Moose Peterson and The New York Times)