The Lightroom Dashboard Helps You Analyse Your Habits

Recently I discovered an interesting tool for Lightroom. Essentially, it gives you analytics for your Lightroom catalog. And the most attractive thing about it is its ease of use as you only need a browser. Basically, the tool works in the way that you feed the last backup of your Lightroom catalog to the browser (nothing gets uploaded to the internet) and that's it. Out of it, the dashboard gives you an overview of your monthly photo volume, the most used lenses and cameras with their respective settings.

Here is for example my monthly photo volume for the last 2 years:

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 17.44.20.png


As advertised on their website, the dashboard can be used to understand how you shoot, volume trends as well as to gain some knowledge into the gear and lenses you use most.

The LR dashboard is privacy friendly as everything happens in your browser (no data gets uploaded to a server) and completely free although the developer welcomes donations. Check it out here