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Wildfire Photography

Even though it is still technically winter here in Australia, the first wildfires already started west of Sydney the last couple of weeks. So I thought, that it would be a good time to share some of the best wildfire photography I know. Enjoy.

On the Fireline

(c) Gregg Boydston

(c) Gregg Boydston

Along with the bond he experiences with his crew, traveling to new places is among Gregg’s favorite aspects of the job. “You get paid to travel in a way, driving across multiple states and stopping in towns you may have never even thought of before. Seeing those views of fires moving in the way they are capable of doing, or seeing the huge columns of smoke create their own weather, or even just seeing these beautiful forests from a helicopter, are all things I wouldn’t normally get to see.”
— Gregg Boydston

In my opinion, Gregg Boydston does some of the best wildfire photography around. The photo profile made by VSCO is top.

(c) Steve Palley

(c) Steve Palley

Palley does his best to stay safe. He never heads to a location without full safety gear, or Person Protective Equipment (PPE). It’s the same suit wildland firefighters wear, decked out in special boots, helmet, goggles and nomex. Palley’s also taken a US Forest Service class on fire behavior so he can predict its next move.

Steve Palley has to use some really unusual gear for a photographer as well as having especially high repair bills for his camera.
(via Tools&Toys)

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