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A Poem of Monuments
(c) Image by Alex May. Used with permission

(c) Image by Alex May. Used with permission

Recently I discovered Alex May through an online magazine and really enjoy following him on different creative outlets. Not long ago, Alex spent 14 days in Scotland and just published a photo story called A Poem of Monuments . I would highly recommend that you check it out but be aware though, that you may spend the rest of the current hour staring at your computer screen.

I guess, words will never describe the feeling you get, when you’re roaming trough the vast and remote highlands and embracing the true beauty that is scotland. Neither will pictures do.

But maybe it gives you a tiny glimpse of how this land can change you. Frees you from your self-imposed chains, clears your mind from all the unnecessary burdens and just shows you with a monumental truth that we are nothing in front of mother natures dignity.
— Alex May
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